Архив за месяц: Июль 2011

My new website

Okay, I have made my personal webpage. It is here:

It contains some of my photos and few chosen videos. I hope to improve it later by adding information about my favorite books and films and maybe some of my own writings.

While working on it I have learnt how to create and edit webpages and how to use numerous web 2.0 services. It was very useful for me.

Process of the site’s creating was really exciting, and I’m looking forward for the time when I will be able to make my own sites without any help.

So, welcome, if you are interested!

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This is my first post, hello world

It is all for learning purposes, so don’t wait too much from it.

I’ve got accounts on YouTube, Flickr and Digg, but I’m not sure about using them in future. My nickname through the Internet is Alre Snow, so I’m going to use it further. But my real name — just in case anyone needs it — is Ksenya Bredikhina.

 Among those sites I especially like Flickr, because I’m interested in photography and greatly appreciate a possibility to share the photos and look through really nice works of others.

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